Terms sale and kittens status:

On this page you can get acquainted with our kittens. If you wish, you can reserve a kitten at the age of no earlier than one month.

Attention shoppers!

The kitten is considered reserved when he deposited the sum of 50% of the reservation and signed. For kittens sold as "pets", paid the entire amount immediately. If the buyer changes his mind to buy an animal, then the money will not be returned.

All kittens, regardless of class, are sold on the origin of the document (metric), the contract of sale of a kitten, vetpasport stamped on vaccinations and concise guidance on the content of a kitten.

Available - the kitten is looking for a new home, you may be interested in them.

Monitoring - who is interested in the kitten, but the deposit is not listed. Perhaps the kitten is free. You may still be interested in him.

Reserve - a kitten made a deposit. But perhaps he will still be free.

Reserve of cattery - the kitten is under the supervision of the nursery, the kitten may be available later.

Sold - kitten entered for the entire amount of the signatory and he moved into a new house.