There was a British kitten?

It is done for a long time plans! You bought a kitten! Or enroll in a nursery in the newly born kitten. Or you have not thought for a long time and saw immediately fell in love with a teddy bear and bought still a kitten. To the kitten like a new house to its appearance must be carefully prepared. Make these efforts will help to pleasant advice of our experts. First of all present to you a list of accessories that will help create comfort your pet:

- House (or bed)

- Bowls for food and water

- toys

- Toilet tray and filler for him

- carrying

- Brushes and combs

- kittens

- Specialized food for kittens.


Carriers can be either plastic (they certainly are more reliable, well keep in shape, and are more durable, but very bulky, in the hands of such portability not bear), and cloth of various shapes and sizes (eg carrying a well-worn hands, if you can not take kitten or cat in the car).

Sleeping area

To kitten used as a sleeping place furniture in the house, make him comfortable "sleeping area". In pet stores a wide range of houses and sun beds for cats, but it is possible to prepare the bed and his hands.
Step 1: Choose a thick cardboard box. For kittens will approach a small box; adult male or female should be able to stretch out lying.
Step 2: On the one hand cut the box door.
Step 3. Spread an old blanket in the box, or place a small pillow. And the bed extra bed of legkostirayuscheysya tissue.
Step 4. Place the box in a warm, quiet place.

Each animal in your home should have individual bowls for food and water. For cats, a special design of bowls: shallow metal or ceramic bowl with a broad base. Bowls is desirable to have at least three pieces, one for water and one for dry food, and the third, for example, for canned food. The water should be changed daily, pouring fresh, it is better to use bottled water.

Safe toys

Toys for kittens as young children, should be chosen very carefully. Try to choose soft toys made of elastic material. Do not buy toys with sharp edges and details that may hurt the kitten, and a bite or swallow. Such popular cat toys, like fur balls and toys on an elastic band can be dangerous (eg, if swallowed gum kitten)

Houses and scratching posts

Houses with columns, which together function as kogtetochek, very comfortable and versatile. On the one hand, little kitty would be happy to climb poles, physically developing and practicing, on the other hand, these poles - a great opportunity to sharpen claws, as the instinct to sharpen the claws of the cat is at all.


 In the early days of the kitten may be very long for his family. This is usually expressed as a sleepless nights and constant meowing. Take the kitten in his arms and talk to him. Warm and gentle voice calming effect. If this does not help, you can use additional tricks:

1) place next to a berth kitten ticking clock. It will remind him / her mother's heart beating.

2) Fill a water bottle with hot water (37-39 ° C) and wrapping it with a towel, put next to the kitten. This creates a simulation of the presence of a number of mothers, brothers and sisters.

Help the kitten to get used. The main thing in this - slow pace. In the first day or two, limit the movement of the kitten room where the bed, dressing tray, food and water. After the baby settled into this room, you can continue acquaintance with the house.


If you have bought a kitten in a good nursery, usually kittens are already accustomed to the tray and know their place. Your task - to fill the usual kitten filler which will advise breeders. Kitten is enough to show the location in the first days of the trays, especially after eating, he will remember this place very quickly in the future will not disappoint you embarrassment. Your task - time to clean the toilet, changing filler. Important Commandment - cat toilet should always be clean.


Explain and show your children how to handle their new friend. How should I take him up and play with him. Tell us what cats do not like to be teased and express their discontent and shake a tail wagging, as well as clamping the ears. Always watch the games of children with kitten.

Other animals

Before you introduce a kitten with the other inhabitants of your house, make sure they are healthy. Show them to the veterinarian. Older animals can negatively treat encroaches on their territory of a stranger, and it may be months before the kitten will be recognized as a member of their family. To carry out the demon stress dating observe the following guidelines:

Step 1: In the first day or two, keep the kitten in a separate room, do not let go of other animals. The room put portability with the door open. Carrying will serve as a shelter kitten. Other animals pochuyut emergence of freshman. If you do have a cat or a cat, it is possible that he / she will be at the door to the room and show signs of aggression. During this period, try to pay more attention to your pet to reduce their anxiety. When you briefly to let a kitten for a walk around the house, leave your other pets in their favorite areas. When the cat get used to the house, they can introduce.

Step 2. Introduction. Organize a "meeting." You were in the room until the animals are acquainted. Give them the opportunity to look around and sniff each other. Make sure that each of them has a way of retreat. Most likely, in the beginning they will hiss and growl at each other.

A few tips.
· If the acquaintance of the animals is hostile to the newcomer, do not punish him; he does not understand why. On the contrary, separate them, and repeat the "acquaintance" a couple of days.
· Respect their rights to the territory. If your cat's favorite spot found in the living room sofa, save this territory for him. Help the kitten to choose a different shelter.
· To avoid jealousy, love your pets the same way. Make time for each of them.
· If you have a dog, first keep it on a leash, watching behavior. First, do not let the dog to disturb the kitten, if you see that the kitten scared, better keep it in another room.
· Get ​​some bowls for food and water.
· Provide each cat / cat its toilet tray. This will help avoid any unpleasant surprises - namely, the organization of the toilet in the wrong places.


Different breeds of cats fit different brushes and combs. I will only say about British cats - they are more suitable rubber brush oval with a number of small soft teeth. These brushes are well remove static electricity accumulated on the fur of British cats, well massage the skin without injuring it. The British cats, because they have short hair, wool is not tangled, tangles are formed, so much grooming is required. It is enough to use a rubber brush, except when moulting well to wet hair massage master hand dipped in water. This massage is for and against the grain contributes to the ventilation coat and skin, massaging it and simultaneously removes dead hairs. In winter, good to create some humidity in apartments since over-dried air in the winter apartments makes British cats coat dull and lifeless.


Inquisitive nature kitten is a definite risk factor. To protect it, follow these guidelines:
1. Keep medicines and household chemicals out of reach of a place under lock and key.
2. When the water fill the bathroom, the bathroom door must be closed.
3. Keep toys on elastic bands to reach the kitten site. Play with them only together. If the kitten swallow objects such as rubber, wool, fishing line, a thread with a needle, it could be fatal.
4. Close the lid of the toilet.
5. Place the grid on the screen. Contrary to popular belief, fell from the window of cats do not always land on their feet gently, and could be very seriously injured.
6. Close the door of the garage and outbuildings. Working dryer and the vehicle may provoke the cat to choose drying or car as a warm place where you can soak in the fun.
7. Put the trash (especially tin cans) of a door or throw away in a sealed container. Sharp edges can injure cans language.
8. If possible, replace the antifreeze in your car in the non-toxic. Antifreeze has a pleasant taste and for cats is the most common poison in case of poisoning cats. In order to cause acute renal failure, rather one teaspoon of antifreeze. Avtohimikaty remaining store in the garage in an inaccessible location.
9. Do not place traps for rodents (mice / rats) in an accessible place for the kitten.
10. Keep small objects that cat can swallow, such as balls, scraps of fabric, baby pacifiers to reach a place.

Recommendations for the care of a kitten

1. Transfer. First days.

For a single journey is not necessary to burden themselves with any special containers. But for long-term use, over time, you can purchase a "portability" (as shown above). It will be very convenient for you and your cat.
In addition, be sure to buy a box of dressing, prepare the litter, cat toys and a scratching post. As well as bowls for food, drink and brush for combing wool. (all this is written above).
The first few days it is desirable to limit the habitat kitten some small rooms (eg kitchen or bathroom a), which will install all the necessary accessories.
Since kitten got a new, unfamiliar place even in the early days of possible unpleasant surprises in the form of, for example, a puddle on the floor, not in the toilet box! But usually, if you take a kitten in a well-proven nursery, such incidents do not occur! But if "it" happened in this case, to dip a piece of paper, and to anoint the litter box to hit the smell of plastic and give the kitten to understand what it is for. Or sprinkle spot "accidents," a filler (wood), he immediately absorbs the liquid, and then, having collected sovochkom this "pile", put it in a cat lotochek. Kitten, it is desirable to introduce immediately a "latrine" upon arrival at the house, and planted it there as needed (better in the first week several times per day), especially after eating. A couple of days well-mannered kitten will find his tray correctly, and will only please you with its cleanliness. A few days after the kitten get comfortable with one room, he wants to explore the other rooms do not forget to leave it to escape him in the familiar place where he feels safe.
Nothing bad will happen if the kitten will share their home with other animals.
!! As a rule, even the most aggressive with respect to street cats dog from home, do not touch her, domestic cats !!
At our first meeting at the beginning keep the animals in different rooms, until they met through the closed door. And try to keep your kitten soaked smell, for this you can pet him, wipe his clothes on, and sometimes you can wash the baby to remove unfamiliar smell. Then place the kitten in a container and provide an opportunity to get to know - again through the door of the container. When both calm down, give the possibility of direct contact.

2. Feeding. Toilet. Grooming.

As the utensils for feeding is recommended to use a separate bowl for eating and drinking. The dual bowls when eating food pieces fall into the water and vice versa. As a result, the food is perishable. Utensils should be stable. It is advisable to choose a permanent place for feeding, quiet corner somewhere in the kitchen, where the kitten will feel safe.
Cats are very different in the daily nutritional needs. It depends on age, weight, physiological state of the body, the environment and so on. Modern cats (despite the fact that in its natural genesis are predators), - practically omnivorous animals that greatly simplifies treatment for cat owner.

Preference is given to raw beef, raw offal - the heart of beef or pork (boiled), peeled chicken gizzards, liver (scalded in boiling water), cooked chicken, cooked just saltwater fish. At the same time we should not forget that the fish, if possible, should be excluded from the diet, it is especially harmful for cats, because It promotes the development of kidney stones and gives the urine a characteristic pungent odor.

Because dairy products are not recommended to give milk (as a result can get loose stools), but 10% cream and goat's milk in composition closest to the cat's milk and perfectly assimilated in the body of a kitten. With success can be used in the feeding of various cereals: semolina, rice, oats. On request, the owners can offer kitten cheese, sometimes they like a variety of yogurt (eg, "assets", "Danone" or "Agusha"). To correct functioning of the intestines cat, you can successfully use the liver, which in this sense is a dual action laxative - if you eat it raw and anchoring after cooking.
It is not permissible to give cats smoked, sharp, too fatty foods: raw fish, ham and bacon, etc.