Care for the British is easy and not burdensome: combing just once a week. Pay daily attention of his coat is only necessary at the time of moulting your animal. Molting takes place about once a year. To speed up the update process can be wool, except for small comb rubber brush or comb, gently pull out or bathe the animal. Just so the cat does not get drunk, you can stroke her hair wet rukami- collect all wool. During molting useful plant or cat grass to give a paste for removing hair from the stomach. Otherwise, the cat "after eating" its fur will experience severe discomfort.

About bathing: British are very clean animals, they perfectly lick themselves. Bathing is necessary, if the animal is dirty, something Chamberlain difficult to remove.

Claws: cutting claws will rescue your furniture from damages. Trim the nails should be with caution, it is best to first ask the vet to show you how it's done. Be sure to buy a scratching post - column, he is some way to satisfy the need for a cat for grinding claws.

Ears: should be always clean, odorless and wax secretions. Pinna or outer ear can be cleaned with a damp cotton swab.

Well-groomed British cat looks great, her fur shimmers and shines!