Scratching posts for cats

Turning claws - is one of the elements of behavior felines. It's kind of an individual Edge label pet that cat in the nature reserve on the bark of trees, and try to make them highly enough. At home, you can prudently buy a scratching post for your pet to satisfying their natural need, he accidentally inflicted devastating damage to your furniture. Also, complexes, climbing frame will help strengthen the muscles of the animal, which is also important for its proper development and health.

In pet shops now there are many different kogtetochek, houses with columns, different colors, sizes, from different manufacturers, you can order a scratching post that will meet all your requirements, fit the interior of your apartment.

Growing kittens are very playful and they need space for outdoor games.
With the increase, it will just be a place of rest of your family member.

Declawing For Cats

Cat furniture tears... you were offered surgery to remove the nail, so they would not grow...

and you know that...

"Declawing - onychectomy - amputation is not just the claws, but with claws and claw phalanges cats.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia, usually only on the front paws, but there are cases when the terminal phalanx amputated limbs at all.

Onychectomy causing irreparable harm to the health of the animal and in any case is not synonymous with simple trimming claws. Total transaction, even if the rehabilitation period is successful, is always the same - the cat will always be disabled.

Cats - Animals digitigrade, emphasis on walking falls not on the whole foot, but only on the toes, the heel touches the ground. Removing the terminal phalanges of the foot and shortening reduces the footprint - the cat can not walk normally
She literally have to learn to walk again. As a result of incorrectly distributed load disrupted activity in all of the musculoskeletal system. And the changes will affect all joints cats. Cat's sense of balance is also much time is balanced, which will affect the time climbing, jumping and running.
When properly conducted operation, the remote site can be regenerated, and the claw begins to grow into the finger, causing the cat severe pain and causing inflammation. In this case, it can not avoid a second operation in which the following will be amputated phalanx.
But even if the operation is to remove the claws is successful, the healing process takes place very painful. At best, only the next day, the cat will be able to rely on their feet (which are bandaged after surgery), and try to walk. Limp your pitomitsy stop only 5-7 day. In addition, within 10-14 days the cat will have to wear a collar, so she could not razlizyvat seams. Only young animals can survive this operation is relatively easy: remove the claws of an adult cat is simply dangerous.
Due to declawing a cat may change the nature of the animal, because the absence of claws makes it vulnerable. So, before the tender and mobile animal often becomes nervous and aggressive. In addition, some experts say that cats with claws removed, usually bite. "

 I repeat:

This operation makes the cat disabled for life !!!

Do not do it !!

It is better to buy your pet scratching posts and cat will thank you!