Tested more than once that the joy of low price lasts a moment, but the disappointment of poor quality lasts for years!
What determines the price of a kitten and why the price of kittens of the British breed so different?

Talking about the cost of a kitten British, ceteris paribus, it is necessary to understand that the same parents, the same litter can be born kittens are different in terms of quality, size, severity of breed features, quality wool and so on. etc., so each kitten individually assessed and the price difference can be very significant. In addition, there are different size of litters in the same kennel, and the smallest kitten in a large litter can be better than the large cat in the other.

Very important to understand that under the castration of animals can be sold not only pet class, and show class
And the cost SHOW -kastrata may differ significantly from the value of PET -kastrata ..
The conclusion is simple: high quality purebred not be cheap, regardless of your plans for his future!

There is a golden rule:

"Every breeder himself knows how much his cat"

Simply put, the calling price breeder estimates of the quality of his cat, his putative class (Shaw, Pat, Brides), what it size, what type (severity rock features), as well as what its genetics and how much work and money invested in it birth and rearing.
Naturally, the breeder must be professionals in their field, know the standards of the breed, to realistically assess the strengths and weaknesses of their animals to be able to realistically assess the kitten of the British breed.

Only careful planning matings, the painstaking selection of the best manufacturers, a careful study of pedigrees, study the advantages and disadvantages, compatibility and selection of genetic lines, proper nutrition and keeping animals - all a pledge of future beauty and health of your pet.

What is there is a price for a kitten of the British:

Breeding qualities.

Conventionally divided three classes:

- Show class - best meets the breed standard (kittens show class in the same litter can also vary in price depending on how pronounced breed features in each of them)
- Brides class - the animal has a slight deviation from international standards (for example, in color or in the expression of rock features), but the ability to give an excellent show quality offspring.
- Pet class - the animal is not intended for further breeding and show career because it violates the standards of the British breed or because of visible defects.

At 2-3 months of age division into classes is very conditional and can only be conjectural.

At this age, you can only talk about the absence of obvious and visible defects, which will allow the kitten "marriage" once referred to a class pet. With regards to show class, the classification of the animal in this category can only be done at a licensed expert exhibition, and the breeder can only confirm the absence of defects have a document of holding aktirovki at the club and at this age only speak about the prospects of a kitten. Of course, it is desirable to choose the best for yourself, even if you buy a kitten only for home, then have the opportunity to admire the beautiful for many years, with pronounced breed features, powerful animals that can adequately represent the British breed in your house.
Pets (only animal house) can be KITTEN any of the three classes and only you can decide what quality of the animal you want to see at home. Getting British cat show class big work breeder. Many of professionalism, effort and money spent on it to find the right pair for producers of nursery. Purchased the best representatives of the British breed genetic lines are carefully selected and removed from the best nurseries of the world. As a rule, in good nurseries, where all animals are carefully and professionally matched to each other genetic lines, with the predicted quality of the birth of kittens are rarely born animals Pet class. But even in the show class kittens from the same litter can have different values, because they are different particle size, the weight of the core, the severity of the breed traits. Therefore, the cost of each kitten has its own, but roughly we can talk only about the average price of a kitten. If you decide to buy a pet Pet-class, always ask about the reasons why it was attributed to this class. Disadvantages can be different. Some of them (the length of the hair, such as simplification, small sizes) - not so important for the health of your pet. Others may be severe
(deviations caused by mutations in the genes) - they may in the future affect the development and health of a kitten.

COLOUR. Kittens of good quality color, in good style - it is hard work for the correct selection of the breeder pairs of Manufacturers and luck at the same time.

PEDIGREE. Even if you buy a kitten only for the soul, pay attention to the existence of a document issued by the authority Club, it will protect you from the purchase of a kitten just like the British.

NEVER thoroughbred animals without documents!

 Conditions and feeding

Kitten - a small child and a cat, like any kid, great importance to its future health and psychic conditions of his plays and his mother. Ie, like any kid, laying his future health occurs before birth. Health parents kitty (no chronic diseases and carriers of various infections) as well as compliance with the rules adopted by the World Organization: the birth of kittens the cat should not be more than 1 time in 7-8 months.

Often unfairly low price is those merchants whose breeding British breed into a conveyor and shoddy business, where the concept of the veterinary services, taking care of the health of producers, their selection and the quality of the offspring is not considered, and the question is only about the number of kittens (increase in the number birth of a cat), and reducing the "cost" of each kitten (cheap food, no veterinary control for health and veterinary support, saving on care products and so on ...).

I think everybody understands that with this approach we can not talk about the high-grade, quality and content of the diet, which requires a pregnant (or feeding the cat and her kitten). And what great to get a kitten, he would eat, acquire some immunity and whether vaccinated even if engaged in a decrease in its cost ... ???

Also important in the first months of life of a kitten playing the psychological climate in the nursery, here is meant not only the absence of cells, the cat odor, purity, which is very important if you want to be careful of a family member, but also to teach to the arms needed for kittens weasel and caring, coming from a man.

Selling kittens are now engaged in a great many, some believe that it is only increase the number of cats and do this simple business, so high-quality, purebred hard to find, and it can not be cheap!

We strongly recommend to everyone to decide on the acquisition of liked ONLY kitten from a breeder in the house where you will be able to assess the conditions in which animals live, and if you see numerous cells, dirt and odor resistant cat ... to something .... it is worth buying a kitten is here ...

HEALTH KITTEN (most importantly)

Healthy British kitten should be active, playful, curious, eyes bright, ears clean, well fed, clean hair, healthy skin without bald patches, crusts, dandruff and parasites; pink anus, without redness; Kitten normal moves, jumps and jumps on the surface with them without any problems. Health kitten also depends on the health of his parents and the surrounding animals!

Look carefully at the animals in the house: You must note their healthy appearance and grooming.

And if you buy a purebred animals, both parents must belong to the kitten of the British breed.

Highly recommend to take liked kitten into your home only fully vaccinated and accustomed to neat! The kitten can be vaccinated right only to the 3rd months of age, and accustomed to the accuracy only in a clean house!

 You choose your own family members 18-20 years !!!

Take this choice SERIOUSLY!

DO NOT LOOK lowest price!