Hello!! Welcome to the cattery British cats

«Chocolate Rapsodia»!

The cattery is officially registered in the World Association of Feline (WCF) reg. Room 6721-2014 from 13.08.2014g. and a member of the Moscow feline breeding center CPF "Zooworld."
Cattery British Shorthair solid colors, as well as bicolor. Breeding cattery aims to meet the highest standards of animal breed, good health and the nature of true British Lords.
Our cats are kept at home, are supervised, allowing them to give proper care and the right to choose a balanced diet.
Kittens are born in the cattery caring and loving family. All kittens leave the cattery at the age of at least 3-4 months to present themselves with veterinary passport stamped on vaccinations, the metric of the origin (or pedigree), an agreement to acquire a kitten and a recommendation for the care and maintenance of a kitten. The kittens are grown with love and care on quality balanced nutrition, accustomed to the tray and kittens. It is very important to find a responsible owner for our kids.
The cattery provides advice on housing, feeding and education of our graduates, as well as veterinary matters.
Call, write, and we will help you pick up your kitten.

Sincerely, instructor felinologist Pozhidaeva Svetlana!